Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber & Mint Detox Water

Yip, it’s that time of the year again; where we try to reboot and start the year on a healthy note! (Side note: I actually wrote this post about 2 weeks ago but I was just not getting the chance to post it…so please bear with me…but I do think the topic is still relevant for anytime of the year :-))

So if you are like me and indulged a lot on the not-so-healthy stuff (alcohol, sugary and fatty foods) over the festive season, you are probably paying for it now and feeling it through your clothes not fitting so well or just feeling bloated and sluggish!

About three weeks ago, a week before I was due to go back to work from my annual leave, I was just not liking the heavy feeling I had in my tummy and I also wanted to get started on not only eating more healthier but to also try flush out any remaining toxins from the festive binge. I have always heard about the benefits of drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning or before you have your breakfast. According to what I have read, lemon is good for detoxing and getting rid of all the “gunk” from your system.

I then decided to take things up a notch and not only drink lemon water first thing in the water, but to also up my overall intake of water a day (it is recommended that we drink 8 glasses of water a day). Now, I am not a great fan of water and to help make my water taste a lot better, while still helping my body flush out any remaining gunk from my body, I decided to make myself a cucumber, mint, ginger and lemon drink. Cucumber, mint, ginger are also all known to have detoxing properties and they make for a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. I drink this mixture everyday and I try to finish the entire jug by the end of the day.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • 1 litre of water (or more depending on the size of your jug)
  • 1 thumb of peeled ginger
  • half a cucumber, cut into slices (with the skin on)
  • 1/3 cup of fresh mint leaves
  • half a lemon, cut into thin slices



1. Fill up a jug with water.

2. Add all the above ingredients into the jug of water. Put the jug of water in the fridge to chill for about an hour before drinking. This also allows for all the nutrients from the cucumber, ginger, lemon and cucumber to be infused in the water.

3. You can keep refilling the jug everyday and discard the used ingredients after 2-3 days; then make a fresh batch.


I hope this recipe will help you drink more water everyday and help you towards starting a healthy lifestyle! Here is to a fabulous 2015!


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