Coconut-Cashew-Spices enriched Chicken Korma

I made this delicious meal over the weekend and it was soooo devine. That coconut sauce is EVERYTHING!

Please do check it out and thanks to Adorable Life for posting this yummy recipe!

adorable life

Coconut-Cashew-Whole Spices enriched Chicken Korma:


Today Im soooo happy to post my 29th recipe post 😃!! Bcz tdy its been a whole month after starting my blog😄😊!! Don’t know hw faaaaaaast time flew….

A very big thanks to all encouraged me through likes, views,following,comments etc..And another big thanks n hug to my hubby n daughter, for all their support😊..

tdy im posting the recipe of rich Indian flavoured Chicken korma!!

Its main ingredient is coconut and roasted spices along with cashew nuts!!


for the coconut paste:



onion-3( sliced thin )

tomato paste/puree-2 big spoon

chicken-2 whole chicken cut to pcs

Mint  leaves-a small bunch ( as per taste )

cilantro leaves-a small bunch ( as per taste )

Coconut oil-3 big spoon

coconut-1( grated)

green chilli-5

Ginger&garlic paste-1 1/2 spoon

Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon

Whole garam masala-black pepper, fennel seeds,red chilli(as per taste ),coriander,cardamom,cloves..

cashew nuts-1 spoon( roasted along with…

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