My Favourite Food Network TV Shows

When I am home I mainly only watch two channels on TV: the M Series Reality channel (Channel 114) and the Food Network channel (channel 175).

Most days when my eldest son is not watching cartoons or when hubby is not watching sports, then the default channel is definitely the food network one. That’s just how much I love food (obsessed much?) lol.

There are many cooking shows that one can watch on this channel but these are my personal faves. I watch them on a regular bases and I think they are really worth checking out.

Ranking from my most favourite (and most watched) show they are as follows:

1. Siba’s Table

Did I mention she is gorgeous?!
How gorgeous is she?! Stunning lady!


I looovee this show! I love that her show is so South African; a lot of all the recipes that Siba makes are very much South African-inspired. I also like the fact that she always puts a modern spin to a lot of her traditionally South African dishes; but somehow she makes it look all so effortless. What is also great about her show is that most of her dishes are your typical South African dishes that many of us grow up eating and reminiscent of what our mothers and grandmothers used to make. A few of my favourite dishes that she makes are the 7 colour rice, the Pineapple Cooler, and the Slow Roast Lamb.

You can catch Siba’s Table on DStv (Food Network; Channel 175) – Monday to Friday @11:50 am or 17:40 pm

2. Reza’s African Kitchen

taste-of-dubai-Reza Mahammad Food Network


Did I mention I love Indian cuisine?? hehehe, I probably did…

So it is only natural that I am huge fan of Reza Mahammed’s Reza’s African Kitchen. I love how he always adds an Indian twist to all his meals. On his show he will usually visits a country in Africa and some of the countries he has been to are Botswana, Zambia, Nambia and of course South African… He will then spend time with one of the locals and get them to prepare a meal that will typically be served in their country. Thereafter he will prepare a similar meal using Indian spices. I also love just how easy and simple his recipes are to follow. Some of my favourite recipes he has made are  Spicy Prawns in a Coconut Sauce and Lamb Shank Rogan Josh. *drool*

You can catch Reza’s African Kitchen on DStv (Food Network; Channel 175) – Monday to Friday @ 11:00 am or 18:05 pm

3. Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives (aka Triple D)

Guy Fieri book


Yes, another favourite! I watch this show just for the pure enjoyment of it; I really don’t jot down any recipes when watching this show. I just love seeing all the different restaurants, diners, etc that Guy Fieri visits and all the different & creative ways that food can be prepared by all kinds of chefs. It’s amazing just how creative people are out there, taking the most simple meal and turning it into a gourmet meal. If I ever get to visit the States one day I wouldn’t mind to try out some of these places he has visited.

You can watch his show Triple D (as it’s fondly known) on DStv (Food Network; Channel 175) – Monday to Friday @16:50 pm & 17:15 pm

4. Barefoot Contessa – Back to Basics



Ina Garten kind of reminds me of my mom. When I watch her show I feel like I am back at home, sitting at my mom’s kitchen and watching her cook. I just love how she makes these simple but wholesome and comforting meals. I want to be like Ina Garten when I grow up 🙂

I usually record most of her episodes because I just love EVERYTHING she makes.

You can catch Barefoot Contessa on DStv (Food Network; Channel 175) – Monday to Friday @ 08:05 am

Wat are some of your favourite cooking shows that are worth checking out?


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