3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants That I Like

And no, I’m not referring to your usual Spur, MacDonalds or Wimpy…there are only so many times you can visit them & plus it’s nice to have options πŸ™‚ Hubby and I have always enjoyed eating out/dining and trying out new restaurants, but unfortunately a lot of these places do not always cater for children (and understandable so). We have a 6 year old and a 5-month old, so choices are even more limited when it comes to finding places that are also baby-friendly. There are 3 places that I’ve enjoyed visiting lately with the kids that cater to both babies and small children, while at the same time catering to our adventurous palate πŸ™‚

I know there is a probably a much longer list of other places one can try out but these are currently my personal favourites*:

1. Mugg & Bean

Mugg & Bean is one of those places we’ve enjoyed visiting because of their yummy gourmet & cafe-like food. Their menu is not your typical food outlet menu and they are quite creative when it comes to the different types of meals they offer. We usually opt to have breakfast at Mugg & Bean if we want to try something different other than the usual Wimpy cheese griller breakfast. Initially I was hesitant to go with our youngest son (the 5 month old) because I wasn’t sure just how baby-friendly it was…but I decided to try it out anyway, I was really in the mood for their breakfast! Mugg & Bean’s breakfast menu is quite varied and I think it does try to cater for every palate /taste. Since I love food am an adventurous eater, I am always on the look out for something interesting… even though most of the time I enjoy my bacon & eggs. πŸ™‚

Breakfast stack: Brown mushrooms served on a bed of fresh rocket & baby marrow fritters, topped with mozzarella cheese, basil pesto & a poached egg. Served with cherry tomatoes.


I loved their Breakfast Stack meal the last time I went, but I of course added bacon to the meal. Yummy!

Kiddy-friendly factors

β€’ They have cute black baby high chairs which were very handy for our 5 month old. He was able to sit nicely with us at the table. This also made it easier for us to have our hands free and actually enjoy our meal. Just remember to just wipe down the surface of the high chair with baby wipes/hand wipes, before placing the baby in it… for hygienic reasons.
β€’ They also have booths, which are great when you have kids. I would suggest that you sit in a booth if you are travelling with kids; it’s a lot more comfortable.
β€’ I also nurse when we go eat-out, so a booth works great for a bit of privacy.
β€’ Their menu also has a section that caters for the little ones.

Website: www.themugg.com

2. Panarottis

I love this Italian restaurant! I am a huge pizza fan and I enjoy the variety that one gets from Panarottis. Their menu is also varied, even though their specialize mainly in pizzas & pastas. But I am from the school of thought that says “why buy ribs from a pizza place when you can just go to Spur?”. So if I am looking for my pizza fix, I normally opt for Panarottis.

Rib & Pine pizza – yummy!


Kiddy-friendly factors

β€’ They also have booths πŸ™‚ and a lot of them. Yet again, booths work very wellΒ when you have kids.
β€’ Kids can make their own pizzas! This is a great plus factor in that they are kept entertained for hours on end and as adults you can have your meal in peace.
β€’ I definitely recommend the one at Menlyn mall – it has a huge play area for kids!
β€’ On Sundays, they have a “Kids Eat For Free” special.

Kids making their own pizza
Kids making their own pizza

Website: www.panarottis.co.za

3. Papachinos

I am specifically talking about the Papachinos in Midrand. I was actually introduced to this place by Matlhodi (my co-blogger on FroChic). We met up with the ladies from Nubian Nature, Shereen & Mummy, about a year ago at this place and I knew I had to come back with my kids. It’s another Italian restaurant ( I told you I am huge fan of pizza) and what I love most about it is their outdoor setting.




Can someone say “Kid’s paradise”! lol

Papachinos in Midrand is a beautiful kiddy-friendly restaurant which caters for both kids and adults. Their meals are also quite yummy and their menu is not only limited to pizzas or pastas. The last time we were there I ordered their Fillet Picante (flame grilled fillet basted with prego sauce & stuffed with grilled mushrooms, peppadews & crumbed feta) and it was just divine!

Kiddy-friendly factors

β€’ As seen from the pics above, the play area is HUGE and there is so much to do!
β€’ Their menu has a section for children.
β€’ They also have baby high chairs for the little ones. Just remember again to wipe the chair with baby wipes.

I do suggest that you call and make reservations in advance if you want to get space in the outdoor area; it does get pretty full, especially on weekends.

Website: www.papachinos.co.za

Any other places in the Johanneburg/Pretoria (South Africa) that are worth trying out that sell great food & still remain kiddy-friendly?

*Please note that these are all South African restaurants.



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